How to get into further education teaching

Get a job with a further education provider

There is no specific entry path. The usual way is to apply for a teaching job with an FE provider. There are no fees to pay.

You can start work as an FE teacher as soon as you get a job with an FE provider. The sort of things FE providers look for include:

  • knowledge of your subject
  • experience of your industry
  • practical skills

How to apply for an FE teaching job

For example

You've got career experience and would like to share it:

  1. You apply online for a job in a college to teach your subject
  2. After attending an interview, you are offered the job
  3. The college arranges and funds your teacher training course
  4. You start teaching your subject at the college
Trainee teachers on a teaching course in a college

This may be the best approach if:

  • you want to start your new career sooner rather than later
  • there is a suitable job available at a local college or training provider
  • you do not want to pay for teacher training yourself

The provider may support you to study, for example:

What levels mean

The FE teaching apprenticeship lets FE providers access money to fund teacher training for any subject.

This might not be the right approach if:

  • you want to complete your teacher training first
  • you'd prefer to choose your own teaching qualification
  • you need to do further study or gain more subject knowledge

Train in your own time

If you want to get a teaching qualification before you get a job, you can train in your own time.

Got a question about getting a job with a local college or training provider?

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