Become a further education teacher

Teach your trade, skill or subject to young people and adults

An adult student and his teacher experiment with a spray bottle and a pallet of soil in a laboratory.

You do not need a degree to start teaching in further education

Many people start a job in further education (FE) without a degree or any teacher training.

Some FE employers will:

  • consider your current skills and experience
  • support you to complete your teacher training while you work for them

Find out if you could teach in FE

An adult female student in protective goggles cutting a piece of wood using a mechanical saw.

Rewards of teaching in further education

Train on the job

When you get a job teaching in FE you may need to complete a teacher training course. Some colleges and training providers will fund all or part of the course fees.

37 days paid holiday

Term-based holidays mean FE teachers typically get 37 days paid leave per year, plus all the bank holidays. This may vary, depending on the college's own arrangements.

Flexible working hours

There are full- and part-time jobs in FE, and if you need to do teacher training, most courses are flexible too.

A male mechanics teacher working on an engine

“Sometimes you get students who think they 'failed' at school. They do an FE course and it's the making of them. It gives people life chances."

Raheem, FE motor mechanics teacher

“You know when you're in another job and it’s the same every day? Here no day’s a chore. I’m surrounded by people who have enthusiasm for what I've been doing all my life.”

Margaret, FE agriculture teacher

A tractor in a field of hay bales