Share your skills and teach in further education

Change lives not your career. Teach around your current occupation.

A female welding teacher talking to some male and female students in a workshop

You do not need a degree to start teaching in further education

Your skills are more valuable than you realise. You can start a job in further education (FE) without a degree or any teacher training.

Find out if you could teach in FE

A male plumbing lecturer with some students

FE teaching is rewarding

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Easy way in

You do not need to have had teacher training to start teaching in FE. FE providers can support you to become a qualified teacher as part of the job.

Paid time off

Colleges typically offer time off based around the academic year. Training providers give fewer days off, but you can choose when to use them.

Change or add to your career

Part-time teaching jobs mean you do not have to change your career. Full-time teaching jobs mean you can if you want to.

A female law lecturer with a student in a college setting

“I decided to try teaching part time in an FE college whilst I ran my business. It was so simple to get started – I was able to start earning and teaching straight away using the skills I had from industry."

“You know when you're in another job and it’s the same every day? Here no day’s a chore. I’m surrounded by people who have enthusiasm for what I've been doing all my life.”

A female healthcare lecturer in PPE talking to a student in a clinical setting